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Hifei Marine donated 30 sets of rescue boat to BSR (Blue Sky Rescue team)

May 2021, Hifei Marine donated 30 sets of rescue boat to BSR (Blue Sky Rescue team)
BSR team leader Mr. Yuanshan, and our general manager Mr. Wang Jun, Ms. Zhong Mengying:

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BSR (Blue Sky Rescue team) was founded in 2007, is a professional, independent, nongovernmental emergency rescue organization, a humanitarian relief organization initiated by volunteers.

Blue Sky Rescue team in Beijing:

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Blue Sky Rescue has rescue teams in 31 provinces/ municipalities/ autonomous regions in China, with more than 50000 registered volunteers, among whom more than 10000 volunteers have been trained and certified in rescue and are ready to respond to all kinds of emergency rescue.

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BSR (Blue Sky Rescue team) is based on the principle of voluntary service, with the purpose of establishing and promoting the development of Chinese domestic non-governmental rescue system, so that every citizen can enjoy free emergency rescue services, and with the goal of building a professional and international rescue organization.
The mission of BSR is to assist the government emergency response system in disaster prevention and mitigation education and training, participate in various disaster and accident rescue operations, and reduce the loss of property and life caused by disasters and accidents.

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Since its establishment, BSR team has participated in the rescue work of all large-scale disasters in China since 2007, with more than 1000 rescue cases per year.

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Our factory Hifei Marine was established in 2004, a large-scale inflatable boat manufacturer and exporter in North China. Till end of 2021, the factory has produced 455788pcs of inflatable boats and ISUP boards for more than 70 countries. We’re a long-term sponsor of BSR.

Mr.Yuanshan, the team leader of BSR checking rescue boats in Hifei workshop:

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Blue Sky Rescue team visiting Hifei:

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Yuanshan is giving donator’s souvenir to our general manager Mr. Wang Jun and Ms. Zhong Mengying:
Hifei will keep on supporting public welfare rescue undertakings.

Post time: May-06-2021