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SEAROVER - Double-layer deep-V aluminum hull RIB inflatable boat for fishing, sport, diving, and leisure

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Robust Semi-rigid boat with reinforced aluminum hull

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For many years, rigid inflatable boats have established themselves on the market. Many improvements have been made in recent years, but the manufacturing process and the material used (glass fiber reinforced plastic) have remained the same.

Hifei presents rigid inflatable boats made of aluminum. The hull of the SEAROVER boat is handmade in small series. The material is about 25% lighter than GRP and much more resistant. The ALU-RIBs suitable for rough water are the perfect dinghies for larger yachts. The lifting eyelets allow the boat to be easily picked up on the davit. The boat is extremely robust and durable.

The air chambers are made of VALMEX® PVC, a high-tech product of Mehler from Germany, one of the best materials for inflatable boat on the market.

The excellent handling characteristics make the RIB boat series from HIfei a faithful companion on the water. The deep V-double hull guarantees perfect course stability and excellent maneuverability. The additional horizontal aluminum bottom runs up to just before the bow. This is equipped with an anti-slip surface and offers a secure hold even in turbulent seas.

The aluminum bow locker is permanently installed in the boat and closed with a sealed plastic lid. It is ideal for accommodating an anchor with a leash, rain gear or other small stuff that you want to carry with you all the time. Of course, you can also sit on the box. The lifting eyelets are welded on the outside of the bow locker.

The seat strips ensure a variable adjustment of the aluminum benches. You can therefore move them infinitely in order to always realize the optimal sitting position in the boat for your own body size or length of the motor tiller.


Model Overall Length  (CM) Overall Width (CM) Inside Length (CM) Inside Width (CM) Tube Diameter (CM) No. of Chamber Net Weight (KG) Max Power (HP) Max     Load    (KG) Max Person Transom Height (CM)
*SEAROVER 250 250 140 174 62 36 3 44 5 261 2 40
*SEAROVER 270 270 140 191 62 36 3 47 6 350 3.5 40
*SEAROVER 290 290 155 195 67 42 3 54 10 450 4 43
*SEAROVER 320 320 156 221 67 42 3 64 15 500 4.5 43
*SEAROVER 360 360 156 254 67 42 3 72 25 650 5.5 43
*SEAROVER 380 380 186 267 86 45 3 81 25 700 6 53
*SEAROVER 420 420 187 300 88 45 4 88 50 900 7 53
Model with  *  are CE and UKCA certified

Standard equipments

Double layer aluminum hull
Anti-skid deck
Aluminum oars
Aluminum seat board 1pc
Food pump
Repair kit

Optional Equipments

Under seat bag
Bow bag
Boat cover
Extra seat board

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